Five Essential Seventh Chords Practice Sessions

Practice Session 2: Major Scale Refresher

To learn the major scale in all twelve keys.
Play the major scale through the cycle of fourths.
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With the fifth finger of your left hand on the C two octaves below middle C and the first finger of your right hand on middle C, play one octave of the C major scale in parallel. See the fingerings in the notation gallery below:
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Play the scale smoothly and evenly. Try to envision the notes of the scale in your minds eye. This is not a technical exercise but instead a way for you to become intimately familiar with the notes of each major scale so that you can manipulate them to form chords.
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Continue playing the major scales through the cycle of perfect 4ths using the notation gallery below. After C play F, then Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, F#, B, E, A, D and G. Fingerings are provided below. To turn the page, swipe (on touchscreen devices) or press the navigation arrows on PCs (hover over the notation to reveal the arrows).
Major scales with fingerings
Self Assessment
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If you can play the scales in eighth notes at about 40-60 bpm then move on to the next practice session.