Rootless Voicings with Added Tension

These standard one-handed voicings are the bedrock of every jazz pianists' technique. From Wynton Kelly and Red Garland to Tommy Flanagan, Bill Evans and beyond, these rich sounding voicings with their their smooth voice-leading and effective use of tension pervade bop and post-bop jazz piano. This lesson will introduce you to both forms of the major and minor ii-V-I progression voicings (major A and B and minor A and B forms) and show you how to use them in tunes.
Lesson Stats
Date added: 9/9/07
Updated: 8/13/13
Duration: 83:16
Practice Sessions
Part 1 - Basic ii-V-I Voicings
Practice Session 1 - Lesson Introduction Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Major ii-V-I A Form
Practice Session 3 - Major ii-V-I B Form
Practice Session 4 - Minor ii-V-i A Form
Practice Session 5 - Minor ii-V-i B Form
Part 2 - Beyond ii-V-Is
Practice Session 6 - Voicings for Seven Tunes
Part 3 - Repertoire Building
Practice Session 7 - Voicings for Three Tunes
Part 4 - Repertoire Building
Practice Session 8 - Voicings for Four Tunes
Further Listening
Wynton Kelly's left hand comping over the changes to the tune "On A Clear Day" from his album "Full View" is used to derive the rootless voicings with added tension introduced in this lesson.
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