Solo Jazz Piano Part 1 - Spread Voicings with Independent Lead

Get started playing solo jazz piano with this lesson by learning spread voicings with independent lead. These voicings produce a rich, full sound and are used for playing the head of tunes. The right hand supports the rhythmically independent melody with guide tones and the left hand plays root-based shell voicings.
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Date Added: 1/20/08
Duration: 21:54
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1: Play the Cedar Walton Transcription
Practice Session 2: Voicings for "Someday My Prince Will Come"
Practice Session 3: Voicings for "Tangerine"
Practice Session 4: Voicings for "Tenderly"
Practice Session 5: Voicings for "Till There Was You"
Practice Session 6: Voicings for "Who Can I Turn To"
Practice Session 7: Voicings for "What'll I Do"
Practice Session 8: Voicings for "This Masquerade"
Prerequisite Lessons
Q: You only discuss 7th chords in this lesson. What about triads? How to I voice triads using spread voicings with independent lead?
A: Good question. Sorry for not discussing this in the lesson. You should play the root in the bass and support the melody with the 3rd and 5th. However, this can sound stark so it often helps to add the 6th and/or 9th to the chord to enrich the sound. The 6th can be used above the root in the left hand and the 9th and 6th can be used in the right hand under the melody in combination with the 3rd and 5th.
Further Listening
Listen to Cedar Walton play the introduction to this lesson, "Someday My Prince Will Come," on his 2005 HighNote album, "Underground Memoirs."
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