Two-Handed Voicings Part 1 - Open Fifth Voicings

The open fifth voicing technique introduced in this lesson is perhaps most associated with the style of Red Garland, the early bop pianist. These voicings can have up to seven notes and are equally suited for the divergent tasks of harmonizing an improvised line, harmonizing a melody or for comping. All of these roles are considered in this lesson using a transcription of Red Garland's solo over the tune "Traineing In," the title track of John Coltrane's 1957 album with the Red Garland Trio.
Lesson Stats
Date added: 11/25/12
Duration: 15:37
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play the Lesson Intro Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Improvise with Open Fifth Voicings
Practice Session 3 - Harmonize a Melody with Open Fifth Voicing
Practice Session 4 - Comp with Open Fifth Voicings
Q: Can I play notes other than the root or fifth in my right hand when i use this voicing technique?
A: Yes. You can experiment with any note in the right hand. I suggest you start with the root and fifth because it is easier to assimilate the technique when you limit the choices in the right hand and the root and fifth have a transparent sound that works well for comping. To add color to the voicings you can play any note in the right hand.
Further Listening
Listen to the source recording of the transcription used in part 1 of this lesson, "Traneing In" from "Traneing In: John Coltrane Plays with the Red Garland Trio."
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