Improv Drill - Chordscales

Improv Drill - Chordscales presents nine drills that aim to help you develop an exhaustive command of the chordscales to "Rhythm Changes." Tommy Flanagan's solo over the "Rhythm Changes" contrafact "Oleo," from his 1977 recording "Eclypso" is used an an introduction to the drills which aim to help you assimilate the chordscales into your head and hands allowing you complete freedom when you improvise. The lesson also describes how to apply the drills to any tune so that you can achieve improvisational freedom for any repertoire.
Lesson Stats
Date added: 3/24/11
Duration: 25:21
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play the Lesson Introduction Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Rhythm Changes Chordscale Drill
Practice Session 3 - Continuous Chordscale Drill
Further Listening
Listen to Tommy Flanagan's solo over the Rhythm Changes contrafact Oleo, from his 1977 recording "Eclypso."
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