Improvisation - The Concept

Master improvisors of the bebop style use four basic elements to create their solos: chord tones, arpeggios, scale passages and approach patterns. Watch how Hank Mobely's solo over his Rhythm Changes contrafact Tenor Conclave from his 1956 album of the same name is deconstructed into these four components and learn how he uses these elements to create a masterful bebop solo.

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Lesson Stats
Date added: 5/26/07
Duration: about 25 minutes
Chord Changes to Tunes Used:
Tenor Conclave (Rhythm Changes Contrafact)
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play the Hank Mobley Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Identifying Melodic Components
Q: There seems to be so much thinking with this method. How can I ever make soloing feel natural?
A: Once you assimilate the four components of melodic construction and internalize them into your head and hands you will be able to use them freely when you solo. Think of it as learning a new language. At first it will be slow going but once you have the vocabulary memorized you can begin to express yourself readily. The Practice Sessions in this lesson will help you learn to identify the four components of melodic construction and the Improv Drills lessons will teach you to improvise with them.
Further Listening
Listen to Hank Mobley play the solo on his 1956 recording "Tenor Conclave."
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