Improvising Over the Chord Changes to "Confirmation"

Tommy Flanagan spins out a dizzyingly virtuosic solo (at quite a brisk tempo, needless to say) over this classic Charlie Parker standard on his 1977 Enja trio recording "Confirmation," with George Mraz on bass and Elvin Jones on drums. In this lesson, the tune is analyzed for harmonic content by deriving chordscales from the progression and then his solo is deconstructed into it's component parts of chord tones, scale patterns, arpeggios and approach patterns to demonstrate his use of each element in this lyrical and exciting solo.
Lesson Stats
Duration: 18:39
Date added: 9/14/08
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play the Lesson Introduction Trasncription
Practice Session 2 - Improvise Over the Changes to "Confirmation"
Further Listening
Listen to "Confirmation" on "Confirmation," Tommy Flanagans 1977 Enja album.
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