Improvising Over the Chord Changes to "Just in Time"

The melody of this 1956 standard tune is, you could say, spare. The basic motive is composed of two notes a half step apart that are repeated in quarter notes up to 15 times in each section. To say that Anthony Wonsey's solo over the chord changes to this tune is in contrast to this tame theme is an understatement to be sure. His energetic and exuberant solo from his 2004 Sharp Nine trio album "Blues for Hiroshi," features extended eighth and sixteenth note bebop lines punctuated with a classic blues lick, a tritone-laced outburst and a flashy arpeggiated right hander all extending beyond a three octave range. Use the insight gained from watching the analysis of his take on hard bop in this lesson to invigorate and inspire your own solos over this or any tune.
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Date added: 11/15/09
Duration: 12:50
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play the Lesson Introduction Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Improvise Over the Chord Changes to "Just in Time"
Further Listening
Listen to Anthony Wonsey play "Just in Time" on his 2004 album "Blues for Hiroshi."
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