Improvising Over the Chord Changes to "Someday My Prince Will Come"

This Disney classic was made famous as a jazz standard by Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis and has since become one of the hallmarks of the jazz repertoire. Often played as jazz waltz, improvising over it's particularly satisfying changes in 3/4 requires that you construct your lines differently than you would when soloing in 4/4 time. Learn about these differences in this lesson through an analysis of Sarah Jane Cion's solo over the changes to this tune from her book "The Pianist's Jammin' Handbook."
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Date added: 5/7/12
Duration: 14:41
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Four 3/4 Licks and a Turnaround
Practice Session 2 - Write a Solo Over the Changes
Practice Session 3 - Improvise a Solo Over the Changes
Q: Can't you divide 3/4 time into dotted quarter notes to get two strong beats per measure?
A: Yes. This works well if you have two chords in a measure. Instead of playing one chord for 2 beats and one for 1 beat (or vice versa) you can play each equally for one and a half beats each.
Further Reading
Check out Sarah Jane Cion's book, "The Pianists Jammin' Handbook," for nine additional solos, one and two handed voicings, comping rhythms, walking bass lines and solo arrangements over standard jazz tunes.
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