Three Benny Green Licks

Benny Green is a hard swinging and intense modern jazz pianist built from the hard bop mold. Influenced by Bud Powell, Phineas Newborn and Oscar Peterson, his solos are both technically challenging yet harmonically straightforward, adhering closely to the underlying chord progression. An overflowing font of bebop licks, his solos are an unending source of material for beginning and seasoned improvisors alike. Three such licks from his breakneck solo over the Bud Powell tune "Celia," recorded on his 1993 Blue Note trio disc "That's Right," are considered in this lesson. Learn how they are constructed, how to transpose them and how to use them in your own solos.
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When added: 9/20/08
Duration: about 13 minutes
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Listen to Benny Green play the Bud Powell tune "Celia" on his album "That's Right."
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