Modes of the Major Scale

Dorian, mixolydian, ionian, locrian. You've no doubt heard these terms tossed around in improv books and by teachers but what do they mean and what are they used for? Find out answers to these questions and more in this second lesson in the Chordscale Theory series where the tune "Mack the Knife" is analyzed and a transcription of Jessica Williams improvising over the changes from her 1997 recording "Higher Standards" is examined for her use of chordscales in the solo. The Practice Sessions will guide you through the construction and use of each of the 7 modes of the major scale in all 12 keys.
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When added: 11/16/08
Duration: about 15 minutes
Further Listening
Listen to Jessica Williams play "Mack the Knife" on her 1997 album "Higher Standards."
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