Major ii-V-I Progression Practice Sessions

Practice Session 1: Play the Lesson Intro Transcription

To inform your intuition and develop your musical instincts by playing the transcription and imitating the recording.
Listen to the recording and play the transcription as written.
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Listen to the introduction of the lesson where I play the Tommy Flanagan licks.
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As you listen, read along with the music and pay attention to the details of how the right hand notes are played: phrasing, articulation, rhythmic feel and the overall expressive inflection. Also note the left hand: how and when the chords are played.
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Play the transcription below. Imitate my playing by emulating the elements of the recorded performance that you noted from listening to his solo. Play the nine bar phrase four times.
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Also listen to the source recording that the licks were derived from: "Confirmation" by the Tommy Flanagan Trio. The album is available on Amazon. The phrases used in the introduction to the lesson were taken from the bridge of his first solo chorus from the title tune "Confirmation."
Transcription of the introduction to the Major ii-V-I Progression lesson, taken from the bridge of Tommy Flanagan's solo over "Confirmation" from his 1982 recording of the same name.
Self Assessment
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Record your performance and compare it to the introduction to the lesson and the original recording.
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How does your recording compare and contrast with the original recording with respect to phrasing, articulation, rhythmic feel and the overall expressive inflection?
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Record your playing multiple times and listen to them again several days later. Letting time pass between recording the solo and listening to it can give you perspective on your playing that is more objective than when you are in the midst of making the recording.