Major ii-V-I Progression Practice Sessions

Practice Session 2: Identifying Major ii-V-I Progressions

To learn to visually and aurally identify major ii-V-I progressions in jazz standard tunes
Identify major ii-V-I progressions in the tunes "Lady Bird" and "Out of Nowhere. " Play the progressions with the playalong accompaniment.
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On the staves below, visually identify each major ii-V and ii-V-I progression in the chord changes to the tune "Lady Bird." Look for the chord qualities minor 7, dominant 7, maj7 (or maj6 or triad) in that order. Look for the progression in 2 or 4 measure phrases with root motion in descending perfect 5ths or ascending perfect 4ths.
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To turn the page, swipe (on touchscreen devices) or press the navigation arrows on PCs (hover over the notation to reveal the arrows) to reveal the major ii-V-I progressions in the tune.
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Play the chords to this tune with the playalong by pressing the play button below. Play the chords in any way that you can, either in root position (as notated on page 2 of the notation gallery), with or without voice leading, using rootless voicings or two handed voicings. Listen for the sound of the major ii-V-I progressions: the chord qualities, the root motion and the harmonic rhythm of two or four measure phrases.
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If the playalong tempo is too fast for you (110 bpm), download the playalong source files so that you can slow it down. Alternatively, you can use the playalong source files to speed up the playalong if the included playalong is too slow and you want to challenge yourself with a faster tempo.
Chord changes for "Lady Bird"
Self Assessment
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If you can identify the major ii-V-Is and play the chords by reading the notes and/or the chord symbols at tempo without mistakes or difficulty, try this again with the tune "Out of Nowhere" below.
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If you are struggling to play the voicings at tempo, download the playalong source files in MIDI or Band-in-a-Box format to slow down the tempo to help you learn the voicings. Continue to play this exercise until you can play the voicings fluently by reading both the notated voicings and the chord symbols alone.
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Feel free to ask questions about anything you don’t understand.
Chord changes for "Out of Nowhere"
You're Done!
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What Next?
Congratulations! You are just getting started with the major ii-V-I progressions! Continue to develop your skill with this concept by reading through tunes of your choice from the Real Book and identifying and playing major ii-V-I progressions.
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Lessons to Try Next
There are two types of ii-V-I progressions: major and minor. Now that you know about major ii-V-Is, take a look at the minor ii-V-I progression lesson.