Gospel Blues

Gospel music and the Blues are intimately linked. Gospel tunes are often based on the blues progression and because of this the Blues naturally lends itself to gospel style inflection. Wynton Kelly elegantly demonstrates this two-sides-of-a-coin relationship on his gospel inflected blues solo over the changes to his tune "Old Clothes" from his 1959 Riverside release "Kelly Blue." The secret to achieving this gospel blues sound is revealed through an analysis of his solo in this lesson.
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When added: 1/24/09
Duration: 14:56
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1: Play the Wynton Kelly Transcription
Practice Session 2: Gospel Blues Triads
Practice Session 2: Improvising with Gospel Blues Triads
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Further Listening
Listen to Wynton Kelly play "Old Clothes" from his 1959 Riverside release "Kelly Blue."
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