From Lead Sheet to Arrangement - "The Safflower"

Sarah Jane Cion's jazz ballad, "The Safflower," is presented in the first lesson of this series to demonstrate how to get from a lead sheet to a complete arrangement using various arranging and reharmonization techniques. By supplementing spread and rootless voicings with upper structure triads, related ii chords, deceptive cadences, sus chords, constant structures and other devices, this already beautiful tune is elevated into a engaging and compelling arrangement.
Lesson Stats
Date added: 12/2/11
Duration: 22:22
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play "The Safflower"
Practice Session 2 - Application of the Techniques Used in “The Safflower”
Further Listening
Sarah Jane Cion's "Pianist's Jammin' Handbook" teaches you walking basslines, LH Voicings, Comping, 2 Handed Voicings and includes a sample solo line incorporating quintessential bebop vocabulary based on the changes to 10 standard tunes.
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