Stride Left Hand

Stride piano is a captivating solo piano style anchored by the left-hand pattern of low bass notes that alternate with mid-range chords. Using a transcription of Harry Connick's left hand on the tune "On the Sunny Side of the Street" from his 1987 self-titled debut recording, the stride left hand pattern is broken down into its component parts in part one of this lesson. Part two fleshes out the basic pattern with walking tenths, chromatic approach notes and rootless and spread voicings. Master this solo piano style with the accompanying PDF Practice Sessions which will start you out with writing a stride left hand pattern and then guide you through improvising your own left hand stride pattern to the changes to three tunes commonly played in the stride style, "On the Sunny Side of the Street," "Summertime" and "Stormy Weather."
Lesson Stats
Date added: 1/13/12
Duration: 44:29
Practice Sessions
Part 1 - Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Basic Stride Left Hand
Practice Session 2 - Eighth Notes and Displaced Chords
Practice Session 3 - Stride Left Hand for Two Tunes
Part 2 - Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Walking Tenths
Practice Session 2 - Chromatic Approach Notes with Stride Left Hand
Practice Session 3 - Spread and Rootless Voicings with the Stride Left Hand Pattern